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Apple Vision Developer Pro: Delivering the Amazing

The world of VR/AR is still pretty new in terms of technology but several developers are making great strides in devices that will one day be as normal in use as mobile phones are today. But unlike with previous technology such as mobile phones these developers are keen to get developers on the outside involved, and get as much feedback – be it good or bad – as early as possible. In this way, it is hopes that when these AR/VR products actually come to market, there will be a much greater take-up of them because the buying public will already have a good idea of what they are getting, and will see the benefits.

This is the intent behind the Apple Developer Program for their Vision Pro headset project in which developers can get the loan of the Apple hardware and develop apps for the new App store that will launch with the headset. By doing this, Apple hopes to hit the ground running and have a suite of enticing Apps tested and ready as soon as the hardware becomes available.  

Apple Vision Pro will not be the exclusive emerging VR/AR platform this year. During 2024, Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm are planning to release their own joint mixed reality headset – known at the moment as the Ecosystem Integration – and it is likely to become a well-contested market. This device is expected to provide a premium option similar to the Vision Pro, with a high-quality display. Additionally, it will allow developers to create applications using Google’s software. Apple realised the need to be at the forefront of this exciting technology and plans to get the jump on their competitors – Meta included – by fast-tracking developer engagement with their device.  

By offering the developer program Apple wants to be able to grab a large slice of the market and become a real force to be reckoned within this important future market. The Apple Developer Program is potentially available to anyone with an idea for an app that meets the Apple’s criteria.

To apply for an Apple Vision Pro development kit, you need to submit a brief application outlining your idea for a killer app. In order to proceed, you must be an authorised user in either the Apple Developer Programme or the Apple Developer Enterprise Programme, describe your team’s expertise in app development, and confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions. Applicants whose apps make full use of visionOS’s extensive features and capabilities will be given preference in selection when their applications are reviewed by the Apple team. The company will get in touch with you if you are chosen to get a Vision Pro kit. In addition to receiving a pre-release Vision Pro headset, Apple will support you by:

  • Help setting up the Vision Pro device and assistance with onboarding.
  • Frequent check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance.
  • Help with refining your app for release.
  • A number of free code-level support requests to help with troubleshooting.

Apple hopes that by releasing these pre-production headsets, and supporting developers, when the Vision Pro is released, there will be plenty of thrilling apps available to showcase the headset and its abilities. We at Unity Developers are excited by this bold move by Apple and are in a strong position to help you develop your app Idea. If you have a good idea for an app and need strong technical support in either initially visualising it, or are selected and want to have professional input, why not contact us and see how we can help you.