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September iPhone & Apple Watch Release

In what has become a yearly ritual, Apple have announced the release of three new models in its iPhone range, and in doing so, are offering more of everything.

Once again there are three new phones launched together, but Apple have now done away with the progressive numbering system in favour of cool-sounding but essentially non-descriptive letters. So, this year sees the launch of the XR, the XS, and the XS Max.

Screen Size & Depth

Ranging in screen size from the relatively diminutive XS at 5.8” up to the also relatively whopping XS max at 6.5 inches. The XR sits somewhere in the middle with a 6.1-inch screen. The resolution at remains the same but Apple state that they have increased the contrast factor and with an apparent increase in the dynamic range of around 60% on previous models. This makes the screens more pleasing to look at and increases the depth of view.

Apple have also incorporated their True Tone technology onto the screens, making them adjust the look of the screen to compliment the ambient lighting around you, so less glare in the sun and greater contrast in the dark.

Processing Power

Inside, each new handset now runs on Apple’s latest A12 Bionic processor, said to make them run around 15% to 30% faster than last year’s models and be able to handle a range of tasks concurrently, effectively future-proofing the designs for several years to come. There are new rear cameras running at 12-megapixel f/1.8 though, bizarrely, the XR lacks the telephoto and zoom lens function found on the XS and XS Max.

The front camera on each model is now a 7-megapixel f/2.2 sensor device, which should be better for selfies or Animoji and Memoji construction. The new front camera is also intended to speed up facial recognition unlock – an important point since, following several years of promising, the Home button has finally been removed! Because the Home button is now history, the Face ID system has been overhauled to speed up access to your phone and by adding smarter face-scanning algorithms.

Hardware Changes

Also new is duel-SIM support, with the phones capable of using one eSIM and one physical nanoSIM, which should make international travel or juggling two work and personal lines much easier. Apple have also announced faster wireless charging but haven’t put any actual numbers on it. They have also remained fairly quiet about how long the battery should last, which is always a point of contention on iPhones.

Apple Watch

Also launched at the same time, the new Apple watch has been upgraded to compliment the latest range of phones, and it now connects with even more Apps, making it an excellent companion to the iPhone. With a larger, more vibrant edge to edge screen, it connects well, and runs many Apps with ease, but it isn’t the best fitness tracker around, and can become confusing to look at as Apps cram increasing amounts of data into a small viewing area.