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Unity Developers Launch Baby Lullaby App

If you are a new parent, you will start to understand just how difficult it is to get your newborn to sleep. They never seem to follow any kind of routine and seem to be either fully awake or fully asleep, and then each of them for less than you want them to be.

You need to try and train your baby into a routine pretty quickly; however, you are battling against a baby’s brain that is receiving a deluge of new information through every sense, and all of the time. That is going to take some time to pass, but research has shown that by using some consistent and engaging sounds and colours, you can engage your child on those senses rather than have them wallow in more than they can deal with. That is the start of good sleep hygiene and something that you need to teach your baby quickly, for your health and theirs.

But picking the right app for your baby can be a bit of a task, since what an adult might find soothing, a baby might not. Unsurprisingly, babies with their still-forming eyes, see the world in a different way to adults, and what you may find attractive, may be too subtle for a newborn. This mean that an app has to be designed with a child’s eye – and understanding of the world – in mind, rather than their parents. The Baby Lullaby app from Unity Developers has been designed in just that way, and while it might seem bright and even a little garish for adults, its graphics have been developed in line with current best practice as dictated by medical experts on what engages a baby and how the use of colour, light, and sounds helps to soothe them.

The app is available from both the App Store, and Google Play Store, and installs quickly to give an intuitive interface that guides you through the main functions of the application, helping you set it up in a few seconds. The main interface delivers a series of beautifully hand drawn animated backgrounds and lullabies that have been carefully chosen to engage your baby and to calm them in a way that promotes relaxation and enhances sleep patterns.

The interface can be set to be either soothing or stimulating, and includes a newborn mode that incorporates a high-contrast colour scheme to help your baby focus on the images and train their vision.

The app is specially designed to train your baby’s attention to the on-screen graphics, building an awareness of attention from a very early age, and helping take those first few steps into our world with a much better understanding of their senses.

Getting your child to start a good sleep routing takes time, repetition, patience and these factors soon become part of every parent’s personal arsenal. However, regardless of the poor press that tablet and mobile device get when associated with children, no one will blame you for using every handy tool at your disposal like your smartphone to pull it off. The app comes with a free seven-day trial so you can really see that it makes a difference before making in-app purchases.

Using the Baby Lullaby app will engage your newborn or older baby alike, and will start them on a good sleep routine that will help them develop in the best way.