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Unity Developers Now Accept Cryptocurrency

Good news if you happen to have a pile of cryptocurrency in your wallet, and are looking to have some development work done; Unity Developers now accept certain cryptocurrencies for carrying out software development and a range of other services. This reflects the more mainstream nature that cryptocurrencies have gained over the last couple of years, and demonstrates the confidence that both industry and the financial sector now have in them.

This exhibits not only to increased cultural acceptance of crypto in all of its forms, but also an acknowledgement that, compared to other forms of currency, they have a number of distinct advantages, such as:

  • Ultra-secure transactions. Due to the fact that they are based on cryptography and blockchain technology, decentralised cryptocurrencies are generally considered to be safe modes of payment. This may be one of the most reliable bitcoin advantages. Cryptographic security is mostly governed by hash rate. The higher the hash rate, the greater the amount of computer power required to breach the network. Bitcoin is the most secure cryptocurrency on the market, with the greatest hash rate of any network by a long shot. So, no more counterfeiting.
  • Ease of use. Cryptocurrency transactions are simple, inexpensive, and more private than most other types of transactions. Anyone may send and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies using a simple smartphone app, hardware wallet, or exchange wallet. Certain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, may also be purchased with cash at a Bitcoin ATM. It is not necessarily necessary to have a bank account in order to utilise cryptocurrency. Someone may purchase bitcoin using cash at an ATM and then transfer the currency to their phone in one easy move. This may be one of the most significant advantages of bitcoin for those who lack access to the regular banking system.
  • Low-cost transactions. Cryptocurrency exchanges are generally inexpensive to conduct. Transactions in Bitcoin and Ether may cost anything from cents to a few pounds or more, depending on the transaction’s total cost. Payments for the majority of cryptocurrencies settle within seconds or minutes. Bank transfers are substantially more expensive and can take time to complete, while cheques – assuming people are still utilising such an antiquated means of payment – take even longer.
  • They are international. Without a doubt, we now live in a Global Village, where it is very simple to hire someone in another country – or even continent – to do tasks for us, and where cryptocurrencies are not bound by national boundaries. A resident of one nation may easily transmit coins to a resident of another country with great security and the knowledge that it has been done. Transferring cash across international boundaries through standard banking institutions may take a long time and incur significant expenses. You risk the wrath of the money-laundering police too, and this may not be feasible in certain circumstances owing to legislation, sanctions, or conflicts between particular nations.
  • They are the future.  Get used to them, because they are going to take over all financial transactions eventually.

At the moment, here at Unity Developers we are more than happy to accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for a whole host of services, including App and Game development, VR services, Consultation, and Rapid Prototyping. As always, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you, and see how we can help out, so contact us with your development needs.

So, if you are sitting on a pile of Bitcoin or Ethereum, come see how you could spend it wisely with Unity Developers.