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Unity Developers Partner with UrbanXR

Unity Developers are proud to announce a new partnership with leading collaborative multi-skilled digital design consultancy UrbanXR.

As our cities and urban spaces grow and become more congested, we are having to work smarter to make the most of them, and that falls to visionaries in the built environment space who are unafraid to embrace innovative technological solutions to push boundaries. 

Specialising in extended reality design solutions for urban environments, UrbanXR are already having a huge impact on how digitally enhanced user experiences can positively impact our towns and cities. Extended reality (XR) design covers augmented, virtual and mixed reality, and implementing XR solutions in urban environments is fast moving and complex field.

And this is where Greg and Kasia Lukosek come in. The Directors of Unity Developers know XR intimately and have the background and knowledge to get the most out of UrbanXR’s projects.

Towns and cities are having to evolve many new challenges and the overlaying of data onto the real world via XR to enable this information to be quickly and easily interpreted by everyone will help urban environments become more resilient and agile. XR techniques allow for the full impact of new projects to be superimposed over existing structures, giving architects, builders, and financiers a clear view of what can be, and the work needed to get there. And away from pure city environments, UrbanXR are demonstrating the power of XR devices in the design and construction of new builds as well, working with Hololens 2 Mixed Reality headsets.

And Unity Developers have the background in XR devices and software to be the perfect partner to this far-reaching venture. Unity, as a software package offers a range of tools and platforms for VR, such as:

  • High-Definition Render Pipeline for VR.
  • XR Interaction Toolkit to drag and drop XR elements.
  • The Particle System to introduce object collisions.
  • Spatial audio to introduce ambisonic audio clips and full-sphere surround sound.

This highly complex toolset is nothing without the skill of experts such as Unity Developers to drive them.

By partnering with UrbanXR, Unity Developers will dramatically alter the face of urban planning and architectural services all over the country, and the real winner is the end-user, who will benefit from smarter, better-designed work and living environments.