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Unity Developers Recognised as a Top Start-up

Unity Developers are proud to have recently been named as one of Bedfordshire’s fifteen Fastest Growing Apps Start-ups, and noted as a business to watch in the future, by the prestigious Made in London website.

Starting a business is never easy and is always fraught with uncertainty. Known as the ‘start-up grind’ the first few months for any new business are critical and this is where the true entrepreneurial spirit makes all the difference. Of course, it helps if you are an industry expert in your field, and that was exactly the position the founders of Unity Developers found themselves in. They wanted to start their software development business around the powerful Unity engine, and technically competent, they knew that they would also have to become experts in running a business as well in order to make it a success.

Business management and day-to-day operations is a whole new area of expertise and one that is just as important as understanding a powerful tool such as Unity. It was one that the two owners needed to learn fast. But they didn’t just want to run a company, they wanted to build a successful company, and one that would grow and flourish. To do that, as well as deal with clients on a daily basis takes a special kind of business acumen. 

Since those early days, the pair have driven Unity Developers to great heights, and have honed a business that is not only revered by users of the Unity engine, but is respected as a strong and well-run business within their community. From starting as a company of two people, Unity Developers now employ over a dozen, with job functions ranging from Technical Project Management and Quality Assurance to 3D artists and Rendering Wizards, reflecting the company’s changing business aspirations. From starting as an applications and games creator, Unity Developers now focus on many different areas of the Unity engine, and offer a range of business services including consultations, rapid prototyping, software development, and WebGL, as well as app and game development, with an increasing focus on AR/VR applications.

The Made for London recognition is a huge honour for the company and founders see it as a validation of the hard work that they have put in to make the company the major success that it now is. When making their choices of the top companies amongst the many thousands in the Bedford area, the Made for London organisation obtains their information for a range of open-source intelligence, social media, and public access sources. The organisation bases their selection on a number of factors such as the track record of the business, leadership values, how innovative the company is, and its market share. They also take into account a number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues when making their final choices.

Unity Developers see this award as a validation of their continued efforts to grow the business into one of the most innovative in the country, and it has steeled their conviction that their business leadership is as strong as their technical knowledge.